America in Crisis

White Silence, Black Suffering, Protest, and Transformation

6 sessions

A six session workshop focusing on confronting what’s happening, understanding what’s brought us to this moment, leading through possible paths forward, and offering resources for response.

Session 5 available now!

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* Please watch the video offered for each session AHEAD of the meeting time for that session. 

Week One

“How I Was Trained to Be Quiet (and What Caused Me to Speak): White Silence from a Do-Gooder Christian Perspective” 

Dr. Laura Levens

June 16, 7pm EST – Live Zoom meeting 

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PLEASE WATCH the lecture video BEFORE the Zoom meeting.

Week Two

“We Won’t Take It Any Longer: Understanding the 2020 Black Protest Movement”

Dr. Lewis Brogdon

June 23, 7pm EST – Live Zoom meeting.

Week Three

“We Know Their Names: The Power of Reading Black History Together”
Dr. John Inscore Essick

June 30, 7pm EST – Live Zoom meeting.

Week Four

“Did I Read It Right?: Reading Scripture and the Road Out of Southern White Supremacy”
Dr. Dalen Jackson

July 7, 7pm EST – Live Zoom Meeting

Week Five

“God Loves Blackness: Unlearning Whiteness and Building Habits of True Solidarity”

Dr. Mark Medley

July 14, 7pm EST – Live Zoom Session

Week Six

“Transforming Power: Biblical Strategies to Move out of White Supremacy and into Shalom Community”

Dr. Angela Cowser, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

July 21, 7pm EST – Live Zoom Meeting

Dr. Lewis Brogdon

Research Professor of Preaching and Black Church Studies

Dr. Lewis Brogdon has served in numerous positions in undergraduate and graduate institutions as a professor including roles at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, Claflin University, and Bluefield College. Brogdon is the author of several books including A Companion to Philemon (Cascade 2018), The Spirituality of Black Preaching (Seymour Press 2016), The New Pentecostal Message? (Cascade 2015), Dying to Lead: The Disturbing Trend of Clergy Suicide (Seymour Press 2015), Hope on the Brink (Cascade 2013) and No Longer a Slave but a Brother (Scholars Press 2013). He has authored numerous journal articles, book chapter essays and magazine articles.

Dr. Laura Levens

Assistant Professor of Christian Mission

Dr. Levens oversees course development and teaching for the department of Christian Mission at BSK. She teaches a Foundations of Christian Mission Course, exploring biblical, theological, and historical aspects of mission practice. She also teaches several mission elective courses based on student interest in topics like Social Justice, Global Christianity, Women’s Experience, Leadership and Wisdom, and Biblical Interpretation.

Dr. Levens is currently working on a book about the mission theology and practice of Ann Hasseltine Judson, one of the earliest American Baptist Foreign Missionaries to Burma. She is also currently working with Dr. Inscore Essick on a field research interview project with rural black churches in North-Central Kentucky.

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