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Introduction to the Bible - Access Now!

This series is great for Bible study leaders or anyone who wants to deepen their skill with the scriptures. The workshop is designed to introduce you to the Bible, its origins, its basic structure and message, and how you might use it to better inform your faith. As we study the scriptures together over the six weeks of the course, we will also invite you to a personalized Bible study project that we hope will deepen your relationship with the scriptures and perhaps teach you something about yourself.

This 6 week series provides a broad introduction to the Bible. As a non-credit course, there are no tests or grades, just a course project and some readings. Each session includes a pre-recorded video providing a wealth of content, and a live Zoom session for discussion and questions.

The series is led by Dr. Dalen Jackson, Academic Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies at BSK, and Rev. Roger Jasper, Pastor of Living Faith Baptist Fellowship in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Dr. Jackson provides pre-session lecture videos, and Rev. Jasper facilitates the live Zoom discussion sessions.

Begins October 19, 2020.

Pastoral Care & COVID-19

This six session online workshop focuses  on key issues for pastoral care during a time of pandemic. Everyone is welcome, including persons wanting to better offer care for others, as well as deacons and ministers. This is a non-credit short-term workshop designed to assist congregations and their leaders in this season of need. 

This course is completed, but registered students may still access the content.

Youth Ministry 1 - Access Now!

Youth ministry can make a significant difference for teens and their families. Understanding youth and planning effectively for ministry can be a challenge, especially for new youth leaders.

Leaders who are just looking to strengthen or start a youth ministry, including volunteer or paid youth leaders, can benefit from participating in this course.

Prepared by experienced youth ministers Sara Clarke Turpin, Justin Sizemore, and Andrew Noe, the series includes video content as well as weekly live Zoom sessions, the course will explore topics including:

  • Introduction to Youth Ministry and discipleship
  • Developmental theory and Youth Ministry
  • Intro to programming
  • Planning and administration
  • Intro to counseling and group support
  • Working with volunteers and other personnel

Youth Ministry 1 begins October 13, 2020.

America In Crisis: White Silence, Black Suffering, Protest, and Transformation

What is going on right now? Where do we go from here? The United States is in a moment of chaos. Communities are divided between white and black, and there is disagreement and division within those communities. Protests against racially targeted arrests and killings police, and brutality, are rapidly increasing across the nation. Many are feeling anger, sadness, grief and confusion. How do we make sense of this moment? What must we do, if anything can be done, for change and transformation? Is there hope for justice and peace?

In this six-week course, Baptist Seminary of Kentucky faculty commit to walking through these difficult questions with participants.

This course is completed, but registered students may still access the content.

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