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Introduction to Youth Ministry

Youth ministry can make a significant difference for teens and their families. Understanding youth and planning effectively for ministry can be a challenge, especially for new youth leaders.

Intro to Youth Ministry is a learn-at-your-own pace with no live Zoom sessions. Start anytime!

Essential Topics in Youth Ministry

Ministry with youth is enhanced as we are able to effectively grapple with key issues, including family life, communications, relationships, and key social issues. This course digs into these and other areas essential for strengthing your ministry. It also includes insights on avoiding potential dangers as you minister.

Live Zoom sessions begin Tuesday, April 13 at 7pm ET, and continue each Tuesday evening through May 25.

America In Crisis: White Silence, Black Suffering, Protest, and Transformation

The United States is in a moment of chaos. Communities are divided between white and black, and there is disagreement and division within those communities. Protests against racially targeted arrests and killings police, and brutality, are rapidly increasing across the nation. Many are feeling anger, sadness, grief and confusion. How do we make sense of this moment? What must we do, if anything can be done, for change and transformation? Is there hope for justice and peace?

America in Crisis is a learn-at-your-own pace with no live Zoom sessions. Start anytime!

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The flourish center is part of the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. With campuses in Georgetown and Louisville, BSK seeks to prepare men and women sensing God’s leadership for life and ministry in faithful witness to Jesus Christ in the church and the world. The flourish center supports our commitment to the health of local congregations.

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