Episode 1: Appalachian Immersion

by First Baptist Church, Middlesboro, KY | Flourish Podcast

about this episode

Hear the story of the Appalachian Immersion ministry of the First Baptist Church of Middlesboro, Kentucky. Pastor Zach Bay and John Parker, chair of the Applachian Immersion Committee at the church, share how the idea for this ministry took shape and form. We also explore the unexpected connections and results that have arisen from this creative work.

Pictured: First Baptist Church in Middlesboro, Kentucky. Visit their website here.

“What if you went to serve on a mission trip and instead you were served? What if you went to meet a need and your needs were met? What if you went to teach and instead you learned? That’s what Appalachian Immersion ministry is at its core.”

Interested in learning more about how your church can participate in Appalachian Immersion?