Episode 2: Garden Ministry

by Buechel Park Baptist Church, Louisville KY | Flourish Podcast

about this episode

Discover how Buechel Park Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky developed and expanded their garden ministry. Garden ministry director Suzanne Shepherd and Pastor Erica Whitaker describe the joys, surprises and challenges of providing this ministry. Also learn how the church is sharing land with nearby immigrants and refugees where they can grow their own food.

Questions raised by this episode:

  • What assets (land, expertise, location) does your congregation posess that might help meet real needs?
  • How can partnerships with other organizations extend the reach of a ministry?
  • What might your church learn from this church’s choice to focus on what they do best (and not try to “do it all”)?

Pictured: Leonard Buckner working in garden at Buechel Park Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Visit their website here.

“How do we transform our real estate and trust the community with it? Our garden ministry made the decision that anything grown here is given away for free.”


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