Episode 3: 40 Days of Prayer

by Cheri Mills, Author | Flourish Podcast

about this episode

Author Cheri Mills describes the hope, approach and process for writing her new resource, 40 Days of Prayer: For the Liberation of American Descendants of Slavery. BSK President David Cassady interviews Cheri about the book’s significance for congregations seeking to grapple with the very real issue of racism and racial reconciliation.

Questions raised by this episode:

  • What is it about prayer that allows us to better open ourselves to reconciliation with God and neighbor?
  • How can individuals and congregations participate in 40 Days of Prayer?
  • How might prayer and action around racial reconciliation help your church thrive?

Pictured: The cover of Cheri Mills’ new book. Visit the website here.

“As we hear the stories of enslaved persons, and pray for them and their descendants by name, our hearts are changed and we are empowered to work toward reconciliation.”


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