Session 6

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This session covers a few odds and ends that didn’t fit nicely anywhere else, but are still essential. We look at some potential dangers (like drugs and violence), how to help people who are in emotional pain, communications issues, and finally the difficulty of teaching about our faith and finding ways to do it well in the world in which we live. Still, there are many issues to discuss, and this section best serves to illustrate how much else there is to talk about. 

Session Video Lectures

Potential Dangers – Drugs, Alcohol, and Violence

Emotional Pain

Suggested Resources

Beyond Skin Deep.   Note: This article focuses specifically on self-harm, like cutting.

Naming and Navigating Depression in the Lives of Teenagers

“Silver Lining” – by Daniel Bailey


“A Song Too Late” – by Daniel Bailey (A rare recording of a song commemorating the tragic suicide of a youth minister.)

Church Communications

Social Media

Suggested Resources

Branded – Katherine Turpin (Book)

The Boogeyman Exists – Jesse Weinberger (Book)

Boomerang and Gmail – These apps have delayed send features that allow you to work ahead and not be inundated by multiple emails to write in one sitting. It’s more user-friendly and direct than mass marketing apps, though those may work better for other folks! Also – if your church email pings too many spam filters or doesn’t get through, Gmail is pretty tried and true as long as we aren’t spamming.

Canva ( – We are not all graphic designers, but, with Canva, we get to pretend. The focus here is less about what you’re creating and more about giving your social media posts a similar feel/design. There are lots of good templates and the pro version may be free for you as an employee of a not-for-profit institution!

Later ( Similar to delayed sending of emails, delayed posting of Social Media posts allows you to set it and forget it. Be more fully present at events, church, or even with family. Posting all of our content during the workday may hide it on our youth’s feeds. So, this gives you an opportunity to post it at a better time without thinking about/forgetting it later.

The Art of Social Media – Guy Kawasaki (Book)

Teens Body Image and Social Media

Christian Identity and Teaching

Suggested Resources

The Unsaved Christian: Reaching Cultural Christianity with the Gospel (Book) by Dean Inserra (with the caveat that they take the more conservative talking points with a grain of salt). Especially look at chapter 14: Faith, Family, and Football: Ministering to the Bible Belt

Wikipedia: Christianity. – For a more general perspective on Christianity that doesn’t depend on a specific view.

If your congregation identifies with a denomination or other affiliated group, check their website for their affirmations of faith. Take time to see what your congregation’s affirmations are, as well.

Sara Clarke Turpin


Rev. Sara Clarke Turpin is Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Buechel Park Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, where she has served since 2013. She earned a Master of Divinity degree from BSK: Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, along with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science from Georgetown College with majors in Religion and Business Administration: Management and minors in Church Music and Psychology. She has been both a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) Scholar and Fellow and served on the CBF Kentucky Coordinating Council and Execitive Committee. Before coming to Buechel Park, Sara served as the Youth Minister at Melbourne Heights Baptist Church in Louisville for four years.

Andrew Noe


Andrew Noe serves at East Leonard CRC in Grand Rapids, Michigian as the Pastor of Faith Formation. He is a proud graduate of the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, is passionate about bringing creativity to ministry, and enjoys working with teenagers. He is married to the wonderful Hannah, and they have two spectacular kids – Gwen and Benjamin. His side passions are comic books, lego and video games.

Justin Sizemore


Justin Sizemore is the Minister to Youth at Calvary Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky. He is a graduate of the McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University and a proud Georgetown College Tiger! He has been involved in Youth Ministry as a volunteer, assistant, chaperone, and now minister for over 14 years. Youth Ministry is his passion and calling.

Justin is married to Abby Sizemore (The FABULOUS Director of Admissions for the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky!!!) and they have two wonderful daughters, Ann-Thomas and their most recent addition, Edith (Edie).

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