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Learn about upcoming short-term workshops offered online.

Short-term, focused workshops for leaders.

Flourish workshops (non-credit courses) offer great learning opportunities around key topics designed to help equip church leaders for vibrant ministry. These short-term courses are offered online and are affordable.

There are two types of courses: Live Zoom Session and Learn-at-your-own-pace. Scroll down to see which types of courses are currently available.

Learn at Your Own Pace Courses

Introduction to Youth Ministry

Fully online. Take the course at your own pace.

Youth ministry can make a significant difference for teens and their families. Understanding youth and planning effectively for ministry can be a challenge, especially for new youth leaders.

Leaders who are just looking to strengthen or start a youth ministry, including volunteer or paid youth leaders, can benefit from participating in this course.

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Led by experienced youth ministers, including extensive video content, the 6 session course will explore topics including:

  • Introduction to Youth Ministry and discipleship
  • Developmental theory and Youth Ministry
  • Intro to programming
  • Planning and administration
  • Intro to counseling and group support
  • Working with volunteers and other personnel

Led by Andrew Noe, Sara Clarke Turpin and Justin Sizemore.

Cost:  $25 per person 

White Silence, Black Suffering, Protest and Transformation

Fully online. Take the course at your own pace.

What is going on right now? Where do we go from here? The United States is in a moment of chaos. Communities are divided along racial lines, and there is disagreement and division everywhere. Protests against racially targeted arrests and killings, police brutality, and racist public policy are rapidly increasing across the nation. Many are feeling anger, sadness, grief, and confusion. How do we make sense of this moment? What must we do, if anything can be done, for change and transformation? Is there hope for justice and peace?

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In this six-session workshop series, faculty from the Baptist Seminary of Kentucky (and others) walks with you through these difficult issues. The life and theology of Martin Luther King Jr. inspires the arc of the course as a pilgrimage of pain, hope, and transformation. Dr. King boldly described protests as “the language of the unheard” and prophetically asked, “What is it that America has failed to hear?” He challenged all, especially white America, to move from chaos to community through transformation.

Each session incorporates elements such as videos, personal narratives, readings, and action opportunities to wrestle with the suffering on display during this crisis moment.


Readings, pre-recorded videos, action opportunities, and more.

This is a learn-at-your-own pace non-credit course with no live sessions included.

Organizers: Rev. Dr. Laura R. Levens and Rev. Dr. Lewis Brogdon


Session One: Dr. Laura Levens, “How I Was Trained to Be Quiet (and What Caused Me to Speak): White Silence from a Do-Gooder Christian Perspective”

Session Two: Dr. Lewis Brogdon, “We Won’t Take It Any Longer: Understanding the 2020 Black Protest Movement”

Session Three: Dr. John Inscore Essick, “We Know Their Names: The Power of Reading Black History Together”

Session Four: Dr. Dalen Jackson, “Did I Read It Right?: Reading Scripture and the Road Out of Southern White Supremacy”

Session Five: Dr. Mark Medley, “God Loves Blackness: Unlearning Whiteness and Building Habits of True Solidarity”

Session Six: (Rev. Dr. Angela Cowser, LPTS) “The Transforming Spirit of Coalition, Community Action, and Change”

Live Zoom Session Courses

Essential Topics in Youth Ministry

Course starts April 13, 2021. Includes live Zoom sessions and recorded content.

Ministry with youth is enhanced as we are able to effectively grapple with key issues, including family life, communications, relationships, and key social issues. This course digs into these and other areas essential for strengthing your ministry. It also includes insights on avoiding potential dangers as you minister.

Essential Topics in Youth Ministry is a non-credit, 6 session course that includes both live Zoom sessions as well as recorded videos and other content. The series is great for anyone working with youth in the context of a congregation.

Live Zoom sessions begin Tuesday, April 13 at 7pm ET, and continue each Tuesday evening through May 25.

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Led by experienced youth ministers, including extensive video content, the 6 session course will explore topics including:

  • Family Life
  • Church (communication, theology, staff issues, and more!)
  • Relationships and Other Interpersonal Issues
  • Inclusion (working with “non-typical” youth)
  • Social Issues (Advocacy, Racism, Creation Care, Neighbor Care)
  • Other Topics (Potential Dangers, emotional pain, and more.)

Led by Andrew Noe, Sara Clarke Turpin and Justin Sizemore.

Cost:  $5o per person 

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The Flourish Center collaborates with the Church Leadership Institute (CLI) to provide additional growth opportunities for leaders. The CLI is a ministry of American Baptist Churches of Indiana & Kentucky in cooperation with ABC-Greater Indianapolis along with sponsoring American Baptist Churches & Associations growing, equipping and enriching Christians for ministry in their home churches, communities and associations.

Spring 2021 CLI Courses Include:

C106 American Baptist Mission, Evangelism & Stewardship

Class Sessions meeting on:Apr 17, May 1, May 15 & Jun 12, 2021 
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C203 Introduction to Christian Worship

Class Sessions meeting on: Apr 24, May 8, Jun 5 & Jun 19, 2021
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