Session 2: Family Stress
Pastoral Care and COVID-19

Session 2 of a 6 session workshop focusing on key issues for pastoral care during a time of pandemic.

Session 2 : Family Stress

What is the effect of all this enforced proximity on our most significant relationships? If “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” what can we do to counter its lack? How do we draw closer to those we love while resisting the things that might foster resentment?

Watch the video lecture (below) and then use the Zoom link below to join the live discussion at 7pm EST on Thursday, April 30.

April 30


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  1. How do those from other cultures relate to their immediate family? Are there changes due to increased stress caused by COVID-19? Have their concerns over extended family increased? Are they at an increased risk for family or domestic violence? Are they able to maintain and practice community in safe ways? How can we best minister to them during this time?

    Regarding family violence and specifically child abuse and neglect, home is not always a safe place for everyone. And things can be complicated when dealing with persons from different cultures — who have different ideas about family relationships, issues of respect, discipline, etc.

    From the position of trust we’ve built over time, we can offer advice, provide or facilitate training and education, or offer counseling. We need to be particularly sensitive during times of heightened stress in migrant families and help them identify or develop good coping skills.

    Immigrant Families and Corporal Punishment: “ We want something better for our children.” How to engage in culturally informed and supportive practices with immigrant families.

    And finally, here’s some helpful information about Mandated Reporting by state. All CBF Field Personnel should be aware of these requirements; we are “clergy” and subject to the reporting protocol of our states.


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Dr. Wade Rowatt

Senior Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Dr. Wade Rowatt has taught Pastoral Care and Counseling for over 37 years. He is currently the Senior Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at BSK: Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. Wade also supervises Pastoral Counselors in Training and conducts a Parish and Community Program in Clinical Pastoral Education.

Dr. Dartanya Hill

Adjunct Professor, Pastoral Care

Dr. Dartanya Hill is Pastor of West End Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky and a licensed psychologist. Dr. Hill also regularly teaches at BSK: Baptist Seminary of Kentucky as an adjunct professor in the area of pastoral care.

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