Session 4: Loneliness
Pastoral Care and COVID-19

Session 4 of a 6 session workshop focusing on key issues for pastoral care during a time of pandemic.

Session 4 : Loneliness

What can we do to combat an increased sense of isolation at a time when we are being called to deliberately isolate ourselves? How do we reach out to people who are already isolated by virtue of their age or other life circumstances? Even if we’re not feeling isolated, how do we relate constructively to those who are?

Watch the video lecture (below) and then use the Zoom link below to join the live discussion at 7pm EST on Thursday, May 14.

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Session Video Lecture

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  1. Wade,
    Thank you for this resource. They have been clear, concise, and thought provoking. I will try to join in the Zoom meeting Thursday night.

    Laurice Rogers

    • So glad you are finding the workshop series helpful, Laurice!

  2. As I’m sharing our class material with CBF Field Personnel who work with internationals in the US, part of today’s discussion centered around Ramadan and the upcoming Eid al-Fitr (breaking of the fast) which is coming up May 24th. I’m sharing this video as a reminder that it’s not only Christians who are struggling; those from other faiths and cultures also are struggling with religious and cultural traditions that can’t happen during times of COVID-19.


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Dr. Wade Rowatt

Senior Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Dr. Wade Rowatt has taught Pastoral Care and Counseling for over 37 years. He is currently the Senior Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at BSK: Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. Wade also supervises Pastoral Counselors in Training and conducts a Parish and Community Program in Clinical Pastoral Education.

Dr. Dartanya Hill

Adjunct Professor, Pastoral Care

Dr. Dartanya Hill is Pastor of West End Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky and a licensed psychologist. Dr. Hill also regularly teaches at BSK: Baptist Seminary of Kentucky as an adjunct professor in the area of pastoral care.

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