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center for congregational imagination

Imagination is a central part of faith. Churches with imagination can listen for God’s leadership and be part of creating ministries that are meaningful and help connect with persons and communities.

The Flourish Center works to provide stories, insights and consulting that help churches engage faithful imagination in a way that brings health and life.

Through research, sharing and resourcing, the flourish center seeks to support congregations in their journey toward vibrancy and fresh purpose.

The Flourish Center offers regular workshop series that focus on areas of importance to thriving congregations and leaders. These non-credit courses are perfect for continuing education or growth for laity leaders.

bsk & flourish

The flourish center is part of the BSK Theological Seminary.  BSK seeks to prepare men and women sensing God’s leadership for life and ministry in faithful witness to Jesus Christ in the church and the world. The Flourish Center supports our commitment to the health of local congregations.

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