About this Episode

Episode 5 features an interview with Dr. Candace Smith by Rev. Erica Whitaker. Dr. Smith is a Womanist Scholar and an adjunct professor at BSK.


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About this Series

The E3 podcast focuses on women in ministry. Each episode features an interview with women serving in leadership roles as pastors, chaplains, scholars, seminaries, and non-profits.

These podcast engage, educate and empower women in ministry as well as institutions and faith communities who are seeking to learn how to better include women in leadership roles.

Participants include: Rev. Amy Butler, Rev. Dr. Lynn Brinkley, Rev. Anastasia Holman, Dr. Candance Smith, Rev. Tammy Snyder, Rev. Andrea Woolley, Rev. Molly Tucker, Rev. Sara Turpin, and Rev. Dr. Laura Levens.

Produced by Flourish Studios at BSK. Learn more at Flourish.bsk.edu.