Pastoral Care and

COVID-19 6 session workshop

A six session workshop focusing on key issues for pastoral care and congregations during a time of pandemic. Course begins Thursday, April 23, 7pm EST. The sessions are perfect for ministers, deacons, care-givers and anyone wanting to be helpful to others in this time. Each session includes a lecture (pre-recorded) with slides, a webpage with resources and space for discussion, and a live Zoom session for Q&A and dialogue.

Free lecture slideshow from Session 1.

FREE video lecture (above) for Session 1: Dealing with Anxiety. Register to access all videos and live sessions of the 6 session workshop.

Session 1 : Anxiety

.How do we deal with the various stressors that are created by the current pandemic? Specifically, how do we address our anxiety over having to adapt to new ways of doing things; navigating physical danger; financial struggles; and other things we are called to do as a result of the crisis? FREE lecture from this session is above (register to be able to participate in live discussions and all 6 sessions).

April 23, 7pm EST

Session 2 : Family stress

What is the effect of all this enforced proximity on our most significant relationships? If “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” what can we do to counter its lack? How do we draw closer to those we love while resisting the things that might foster resentment?

April 30

Session 3 : Depression

We already live in a society where depression is a real problem, and this is particularly a difficult issue for people who seek to help others. How can we deal with this problem both in ourselves and in others? Where can someone get help when they are depressed – particularly in a time of social distancing?

May 7

Session 4 : Loneliness

What can we do to combat an increased sense of isolation at a time when we are being called to deliberately isolate ourselves? How do we reach out to people who are already isolated by virtue of their age or other life circumstances? Even if we’re not feeling isolated, how do we relate constructively to those who are?

May 14

Session 5 : Pastoral Care

How does one help others and lead them to help still other people when everyone is in crisis? For what are leaders responsible at a time of crisis? As leaders, what can we do to ensure that those in our care are not neglected, even when we can’t see them as much as we’re used to?

May 21

Session 6 : Self-care

What can we do to ensure that our reserves of energy, empathy, and health are not going to be run down as we try to “be there” for everyone else? While we “take steps” to preserve our community and our families, what steps need to be taken to preserve us, and why is this so important?

May 28

Dr. Wade Rowatt

Senior Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Dr. Wade Rowatt has taught Pastoral Care and Counseling for over 37 years. He is currently the Senior Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at BSK: Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. Wade also supervises Pastoral Counselors in Training and conducts a Parish and Community Program in Clinical Pastoral Education.

Dr. Dartanya Hill

Adjunct Professor, Pastoral Care

Dr. Dartanya Hill is Pastor of West End Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky and a licensed psychologist. Dr. Hill also regularly teaches at BSK: Baptist Seminary of Kentucky as an adjunct professor in the area of pastoral care.

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